Accenture Whitepaper - Combine and Conquer

Companies the world over recognize that to drive down costs or forge new revenue streams, digital technologies are imperative. Most, indeed, want to be digital leaders.

Many, however, aren’t getting the value they expect from their digital investments. According to a recent Accenture survey of executives, only 13% of companies are exploiting digital for greater efficiency as well as new growth. “Leading in the new,” as Accenture defines it, plainly isn’t easy.

Why? Because most companies are still investing in digital in a piecemeal fashion. They simply aren’t realizing the full value impact of taking a combined approach.

To help companies understand better what this means for their stock-market value and costs, we evaluated a set of 10 critical technologies and determined the impact that can be achieved by combining them. We used econometric analysis to identify the technology mix with the most significant impact on financial performance. 

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